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Achieving Fast and Continuous Growth: Nuova SB System’s Success Story with MedicalExpo

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Achieving Fast and Continuous Growth: Nuova SB System’s Success Story with MedicalExpo

MedicalExpo helped us expand from zero to global presence.

Dorina Curri
International Sales & Business Development Manager

About Nuova Sb System:

Founded in Milan in 2002, Nuova SB System Srl is a leading supplier of goods and services for the healthcare industry. Specializing in contaminated liquid filtration solutions and complete water treatment, disinfection, cleaning and filtration systems, Nuova SB System offers antibacterial filters that are sterile at the point of use. 

The company also focuses on the safe and effective cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes and is the exclusive manufacturer of the GANDY Endoscope treatment products

Committed to innovation, excellence, service and performance, Nuova SB System has built up an extensive network of over 30 international partners.

How it started:

In January 2021, Nuova SB System adopted an internal growth strategy called "EXPANSION", emphasizing the need for a reliable B2B partner to support its development path and plans. With no global brand presence until February 2021, the company saw MedicalExpo as the ideal platform to help raise its profile and effectively reach its target market. By partnering with MedicalExpo, Nuova SB System aimed to leverage its services and expertise to expand its network and establish a strong international presence.

The partnership with MedicalExpo has led to significant growth in business:

Collaborating with MedicalExpo has allowed Nuova SB System to showcase its innovative solutions to a global audience. 

“By leveraging the platform's reach and targeted promotion, we achieved remarkable results in terms of market penetration and increased sales. Through MedicalExpo's effective marketing strategies, Nuova SB System has successfully positioned itself as a reliable player in niche and critical markets, resulting in the establishment of exclusive partnerships in more than 30 countries worldwide. This significant expansion can be credited to the dedicated account manager provided by MedicalExpo, who worked closely with the international sales team of Nuova SB System to implement the best strategy for increasing brand awareness.”

MedicalExpo enhanced Nuova SB System's reputation and credibility as a trusted provider in the healthcare industry:

“Our partnership with MedicalExpo has not only led to business growth but has also enhanced Nuova SB System's reputation and credibility as a trusted provider in the healthcare industry. Thanks to MedicalExpo, Nuova SB System has been able to demonstrate its expertise in delivering innovative solutions for liquid contamination, water treatment, disinfection, cleaning, and filtration systems and showcase its commitment to innovation, excellence, and service.”

Furthermore, the collaboration with MedicalExpo has solidified Nuova SB System's reputation as a leader in the field of endoscope treatment solutions. Through the platform, Nuova SB System has been able to highlight its GANDY Endoscope treatment products and their effectiveness in ensuring safety and efficiency in endoscope reprocessing.

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