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B2B buyers source 60 to 90% of product information alone before contacting companies.
By providing the information they need up front, buyers will stay on your stand and you can access their contact details.

Your products
and keywords in 9 languages

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a video and weblink

All your specifications, technical
descriptions and catalogs

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A reliable international group

VirtualExpo Group has been connecting manufacturers and buyers around the world for over twenty years: our main goal is to help businesses carry out their projects.


By entrusting us with the management of their products on our marketplaces, 40 000 manufacturers of all sizes and nationalities already trust us for our business expertise, our seriousness and innovative vision. 

The numbers speak for themselves: more than 1 million specific products showcased in one place, 9.9 million buyers per month, 11.7 million visits per month… VirtualExpo Group has acquired, over the years, a reputation and recognition in the B2B field of specialized marketplaces.

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Get global exposure!

By translating all content in 9 languages, indexing technical keywords and displaying detailed specifications, buyers from around the world can easily find and compare the right products.


 Our free translation-process will develop your online visibility on an international scale, in order to promote your business, reach new markets and gain new clients.

Whatever your nationality or language, we help you connect with targeted buyers and close rapidly.

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Marketplaces designed with simplicity in mind

With our 10 million monthly buyers already waiting for you, selling has never been easier!

We’ll get you online in 15 working days.


Everything begins with the creation of your company stand, the heart of lead generation on our marketplaces. We set up webinars for getting you started and optimizing your performance. For added convenience, we have a simple interface that allows you to modify your stand as you feel necessary.

With a view to facilitate your international expansion, we challenge ourselves to customize and enhance your user experience. You can rely on the Year-round advice and support of your personal account manager to make your stand always more engaging and interactive. In addition, we offer a streamlined multilingual technical support through our Helpdesk. It has been designed to address your every needs remotely by means of a simple, swift and efficient guidance.

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A genuine business booster

With our marketplaces, get premium visibility alongside established brands, increase your export sales effortlessly and power up your business to the next level!


We are the company wholly united behind your growth plans. Thanks to our services, you can push your products to active buyers and position your brand as a reference in your sector. Transform the way you sell, save time and grow sales momentum in international markets thanks to a dynamic volumetry of customer requests. We drive highly filtered traffic to your website to help you get Targeted Leads from buyers with concrete projects. This is supported by an extensive work on your stand referencing so that your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improves over time. Companies that enrich the product content on their stand can double their traffic in 12 to 24 months. And we are here to show you how! 

We also provide you with consolidated views and dashboards of key metrics to help you monitor performance.

For sure, you have a purpose and we have powerful means to serve it.

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Our specializations

We are specialized in six sectors with our six B2B marketplaces.

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AeroExpo is a leading marketplace for buyers, production managers, maintenance managers and consulting engineers in the aeronautic field..



AgriExpo is a leading marketplace for crop and livestock farmers, traders, cooperatives and other professionals in the agricultural and forestry fields.



ArchiExpo is a leading marketplace for architects, interior designers, and construction companies.



DirectIndustry is a leading marketplace for buyers, production managers, maintenance managers and consulting engineers.



MedicalExpo is a leading marketplace for physicians, biomedical engineers, hospital purchasing professionals, medical centers, etc.



NauticExpo is a leading marketplace for buyers and professionals in the boating and maritime sectors, as well as leisure boaters, and watersports enthusiasts.

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Look no further for successful Digital Marketing strategies!

Along with the top marketing & sales teams in the manufacturing world, jump on the sales enablement bandwagon!

We’ve compiled actionable insights into strategies that engage prospects at every stage of the buying cycle.


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We give buyers a complete B2B product search experience so they can easily find quality products from top manufacturers in six different sectors. Buyers can stay up to date on industry news and trends; locate the nearest points of sale; request and compare custom price quotes and documentation from leading manufacturers; and browse thousands of products worldwide.

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On each of our marketplaces, manufacturers benefit from our customized services and specialized SEO tools that allow them to increase their online visibility and bring traffic to their websites. Manufacturers can reach their business goals by showcasing their products with us and obtaining sales leads, international visibility, brand building, sales networks and measurable results.

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We provide distributors with fully automated web solutions to generate business opportunities and improve their visibility on our marketplaces. Partner Distributors have access to many advantages: setting up their sales zone, receiving quote requests, managing the brands and product lines they distribute and showcasing them on our marketplaces.

Our visitor breakdown indicates a strong international presence

International presence - Virtual Expo


What do our clients think of us?


Using the MedicalExpo marketplace, I managed to reach up to 30 countries (in Europe and America) in 12 months, in spite of the pandemic. MedicalExpo is the best way to save time, effort and costs, and to find the right clients internationally.

Alexey Baranov

Export Director


ArchiExpo has brought us much more than we were looking for. By working with their teams, we’ve been able to create a real communication and marketing strategy that allows us to achieve our visibility and lead creation goals.

Laura Dardenne

Dialogue Leader

Twin disc

We’ve been working with NauticExpo for six years now and are extremely satisfied with the results. There’s no doubt in my mind that TwinDisc will continue to collaborate with NauticExpo in the future.


Stéphane Jacquemond

VP Marine Sales & Marketing EMEA

B2B Marketplace Digital Advertising FAQs

Generate New Business Leads & OpportunitieS

Marketplace: the digitalization of the trade show?

Trade shows have often been the preferred solution for companies to present their new products and get contacts, both from other companies and individuals. For several years, the rise of online sales has encouraged the digitalization of trade shows in the form of marketplaces, which are like the digital version of physical trade shows. The online trade show has definite advantages for brands, offering increased visibility for their various products and services.

The marketplace has the advantage of not being limited in time, unlike traditional trade shows, and allows easy access to files presenting a company’s products in several countries. A marketplace can be set up between two sessions of a physical trade show, or as a replacement for a professional event that cannot be held for various reasons.

What is a professional stand on a marketplace?

On a B2B marketplace, a professional stand is a turnkey solution that displays the products marketed by a company. The online experience replaces physical trade show stands, and the visitors are Internet users interested in the products for sale that could become prospects. An online stand is a personalized space that can showcase all of a company’s products, with a set of services that make it easy to get started.

In concrete terms, having a space on a marketplace is very advantageous for a company. First of all, it saves a lot of time by allowing a simplification of daily management operations. It is also a way to improve profitability with services recognized for their efficiency such as payment options and volume pricing. As a trusted third party, using the platform ensures reduced risk with 100% secure transactions.

What is the difference between a trade show and a marketplace?

Bringing together exhibiting service providers and visitors, a trade show can be defined as an event dedicated to a sector of activity or a type of service. It is divided into two parts, on one side professional stands and on the other conferences. The duration of the event is a set period of time and the company occupying a stand is invoiced according to the surface of the occupied stand. As an essential image tool, it allows companies to generate leads and strengthen customer relationships.

The marketplace can be seen as a transposition of this principle in the digital sphere. It is a digital marketing method, just like webinars, white papers and inbound marketing, used by companies to gain visibility and find prospects. A B2B marketplace, which can be general or thematic, promotes the connection between manufacturers and distributors. It reproduces the model of the B2C marketplace, which is extremely popular with giants like Amazon, for businesses.

How to transition from a trade show to a marketplace?

The virtual declination of a trade show can be done easily through a trusted third party. A company can join an online platform and open its own space on a marketplace, where its digital catalog will be available to all visitors who can also place orders. For companies, such a platform is the digital equivalent of a year-round trade show, giving access to all products marketed to customers located on any continent.

How to create a professional online stand with VirtualExpo ?

Today, trade shows are no longer the only option for companies. Specialists such as VirtualExpo Group have set up B2B marketplaces that bring together millions of buyers, manufacturers and distributors online. Companies can present and sell their products on a centralized platform that’s optimized for search engines and easily accessible to Internet users around the world.

The creation of a professional stand, via a personal online account, requires no prior knowledge on the part of companies. It is a turnkey solution that allows companies to integrate the marketplace they have chosen according for their sector of activity at any time. Full support, with experts in SEO and marketing, is possible in order to enrich this space with product sheets and content available for free download.

An example of an online stand on a VirtualExpo marketplace

To understand the usefulness of an online stand in relation to a trade show, we can take the example of the French company Fermob. Based in the Ain region, this furniture manufacturer has a stand on ArchiExpo, the architecture and design marketplace developed by VirtualExpo. On the platform, its catalog is highlighted through a list of new products visible on the homepage, e-magazines and buying guides.

Fermob also has its own personalized space. It includes the company logo, a link to its website and product sheets classified by category. Large photos and detailed descriptions accompany each one. There is a tab to the brand’s catalogs (available in PDF in several languages) and another one leading to the company’s new products and best sellers. The intuitive interface is clear and easy to navigate, with content that is immediately accessible to customers around the world.



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