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Are you a manufacturer or distributor specializing in architecture, construction, and design? Would you like to showcase your products on a global platform designed by experts in the field?

Look no further! ArchiExpo is here to help you connect with thousands of industry professionals, designers, and other potential customers. 

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We facilitate connections and e-commerce in the architecture industry

ArchiExpo enables manufacturers and distributors to get in touch with millions of buyers from all over the world who are looking for products to turn their projects into reality!

Since its launch in 2007, ArchiExpo has developed genuine know-how in the field of architecture, construction, and design. Our expert teams of specialized architects and engineers work daily to enrich our marketplace and offer the best products from international manufacturers and distributors.

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Check out the vast list of categories that can be found on ArchiExpo:

ArchiExpo's audiences


On ArchiExpo, buyers mainly consist of building and civil engineers (27%), architects (26%), hotel and restaurant managers (17%), and interior designers (11%) from all over the world. Note that 42% of buyers make a purchase or initiate negotiations eight days after sending a sales request.


9,000 manufacturers have already placed their trust in us at ArchiExpo! They include furniture and lighting manufacturers, building materials suppliers, architectural and interior design firms, kitchen and bathroom appliance manufacturers, and more.


Distributors are interested in being featured on ArchiExpo to capitalize on specific regional exposure, gain access to a targeted audience within the architecture and design sectors, and improve their market positioning alongside recognized players in the field.

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What our customers say about us

Manufacturers and distributors have been working with ArchiExpo for some time and have shared their satisfaction with us.

Here are a few of their testimonials:

Hisanori MASUDA

The introduction of our products in the newsletter received a great response, so much so that we accessed a large number of opportunities.

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Sonia Ruano

Our collaboration with ArchiExpo has generated concrete results. We made several sales of mid-range and high-end design products that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

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Lapo Ciatti

We continue working with ArchiExpo because it gives us a lot of contacts and a lot of international visibility. That is one of the key reasons we decided to work with ArchiExpo, instead of other competitors.

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