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Expanding Posiflex’s European Reach: How DirectIndustry Supported Strategic Brand Promotion

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Expanding Posiflex’s European Reach: How DirectIndustry Supported Strategic Brand Promotion

DirectIndustry has been instrumental in connecting us with global prospects. The exposure and communication channels they provide have significantly contributed to our success.

Jessie Hsu
Senior Marketing Manager at Posiflex Technology

About Posiflex

Established in 1984, Posiflex Technology Inc. stands as a prominent global leader in pioneering point-of-sale (POS) and self-service technology solutions. Its unwavering dedication to the art of design and precision manufacturing has firmly positioned it as the go-to partner for businesses across the world, all in pursuit of elevating customer experiences, optimizing operational processes, and fueling business efficiency. Posiflex is marketed worldwide as one of the leading brands in the industry and has established subsidiaries and offices in various nations (e.g., the United States, Germany, Japan, India, China, Singapore, and Malaysia) to provide local and prompt services.

Adhering to a people-oriented and customer-centric principle, Posiflex continues to seek excellence across R&D, design, and manufacturing processes to create user-friendly interfaces and technical features, thereby enabling the POS industry to develop and transform from conventional mechanical operations to user-friendly technical interfaces. Posiflex expects to help customers' businesses grow and succeed.

Posiflex chooses DirectIndustry for high-quality inquiries and extensive brand exposure

Jessie Hsu, Senior Marketing Manager at Posiflex Technology, comments on the compelling reasons why Posiflex chose to collaborate with DirectIndustry.

“Firstly, we were actively seeking high-quality inquiries to enhance our business prospects. DirectIndustry's platform is renowned for generating premium leads, aligning perfectly with our goal to connect with potential clients looking for top-notch solutions.

Secondly, we aimed to elevate our brand exposure on a global scale. Before partnering with DirectIndustry, our brand lacked the extensive reach that the platform could offer. By leveraging their platform, we've significantly increased our visibility, reaching a broader audience and establishing our brand in new markets.

Lastly, despite having subsidiaries and a distribution network in Germany, we have set an ambitious goal to significantly enhance our presence in other European countries. DirectIndustry's wide-reaching platform provided us with the opportunity to strengthen our brand and product promotion in various European countries, aligning perfectly with our strategy for comprehensive regional coverage.

In essence, DirectIndustry addressed our need for quality leads, expanded our global brand exposure, and facilitated strategic brand promotion in diverse European markets.

Leveraging effective newsletter marketing with DirectIndustry’s expertise

In pursuit of meeting the ambitious expectations Posiflex set before integrating the platform, especially in terms of acquiring high-quality inquiries and dependable contact information from potential prospects, DirectIndustry provided Posiflex with strong marketing tools and leveraged its extensive expertise to resolve the manufacturer’s commercialization challenges. Jessie Hsu delves deeper into this topic:

“The resolution process for our collaboration with DirectIndustry has been a gradual but highly effective journey. Initially, we didn't experience immediate and significant results. However, over the course of several months, we noticed a gradual accumulation of exposure and an increase in lead numbers.

A pivotal factor in this resolution process has been the utilization of DirectIndustry's newsletter exposure. This avenue proved highly effective in reaching our core audience, showcasing the quality and quantity of DirectIndustry's extensive database. The [product highlight] newsletters played a crucial role in building exposure and generating leads over time.

Dedicated to each product sector, DirectIndustry's product highlight newsletters effectively reach out to a vast audience of 1 million buyers and distributors every two weeks to update them on innovations in their field of interest. Since the newsletters are only sent to active subscribers, the average open rate (38%) is nearly double the industry average.

Counting on DirectIndustry's tailored support for securing opportunities

Posiflex Technology's marketing strategy refinement relies on the essential collaborative process with DirectIndustry. Jessie Hsu delves into this further:

We greatly appreciate the proactive and professional assistance provided by DirectIndustry's team. Their window has been instrumental in offering valuable suggestions and, with a positive approach, securing numerous exposure opportunities. This collaborative effort has significantly contributed to the success of our campaign.”

With an eye towards the future, Posiflex places great trust in the continued collaboration with DirectIndustry to foster sustained growth and drive enhanced business outcomes.

Posiflex Technology's results

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