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A comparison of online payment solutions for B2B

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A comparison of online payment solutions for B2B

Whether you're looking to improve transaction efficiency, reduce operational costs, simplify the management of recurring payments or provide a seamless payment experience for your customers, our comprehensive comparison will help you choose the electronic payment solution best suited to your B2B business. 

In this article, you'll discover how electronic payment solutions can transform your B2B business, and learn about the benefits of a dynamic B2B marketplace in terms of payment management.

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Table of Contents

1. The benefits of electronic payment solutions for B2B companies

Electronic payment solutions offer many advantages for B2B companies. 

Here are just a few examples:

According to recent statistics, transactions are up to 65% faster, administrative costs can be reduced by 30%, and 87% of B2B buyers prefer to work with suppliers offering electronic payment options.

We strongly advise you to choose an online payment solution tailored to your needs to benefit from these advantages. We have several solutions to recommend to help you make your choice.

2. A detailed comparison of the different online payment solutions available for B2B

In this section, we present the six most popular online payment solutions available to B2B companies.

  1. PayPal Commerce Platform:
  1. Stripe:
    • Advantages: powerful API for customized integration, robust transaction security, recurring payment and invoicing features, competitive pricing.
    • Disadvantages: some services may require technical skills for set up, rigorous verification of compliance with Stripe rules.
  1. Adyen:
    • Advantages: accepts worldwide payments, multi-channel integration (online, mobile, point of sale), advanced security, payment data analysis.
    • Disadvantages: higher prices for small businesses, complex configuration for some advanced functions.
  1. Square:
    • Advantages: ease of use, flexible payment options, integrated sales and inventory management tools, transparent pricing.
    • Disadvantages: geographical limitations in some countries, some additional services may incur extra charges.
  1. Braintree:
    • Advantages: easy integration with popular platforms, enhanced security with multi-step payment functionality, support for mobile payments.
    • Disadvantages: some additional services may entail additional costs, configuration may require technical knowledge.
  1. Worldpay:
    • Advantages: accepts global payment, varied payment options, risk management tools, responsive customer support.
    • Disadvantages: more complex configuration for some advanced features, some additional charges may apply.

Please note that each payment solution has its own features and pricing. We recommend that you assess your specific needs, the geographical scope of your business, the functionalities you require and the associated costs before making a decision.

3. Advantages of selling on a B2B marketplace and benefiting from the marketplace's integrated online payment system

Selling on a B2B marketplace can offer you a number of advantages, including the online payment system integrated into the platform. 

Here are the reasons why you should truly consider joining a marketplace:

On a B2B marketplace, as a seller, you can take advantage of these benefits and simplify your online payment operations by integrating the platform's payment solutions. This can enable you to focus on your growth and offer your customers an optimal payment experience.

In conclusion, electronic payment solutions offer increased efficiency, simplified payment management and a seamless experience for B2B companies. By choosing the right solution and exploring the opportunities offered by B2B marketplaces, companies can boost their competitiveness and stimulate growth. 

As Peter Drucker says, "Where there's a problem, there's an opportunity." So, what growth opportunity can your company seize by adopting the right online payment solution and taking advantage of the benefits B2B marketplaces with integrated payment systems have to offer?