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Convert leads into sales with the right questions

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Convert leads into sales with the right questions

Giving your prospects a call is an important step in qualifying a sales lead. Digital tools are a great way to gather leads, but don’t forget the value of human interaction. 83% of our buyers who made a request on VirtualExpo in the last 12 months, voluntarily left their phone number. They too wish to further discuss the possibility of working together.

To help you make the most of your leads from VirtualExpo, we have drawn up a list of questions to discuss with your prospect before sending out a quote.

Understand what your prospect needs.

Let’s explore the prospect’s problem and how your product can solve it. The following questions will help you gather more information about your prospect’s needs and challenges:

Determine your added value.

You will probably have to deal with competitors. With these questions, you can discover more about the competition and how you can highlight your added value.

Find out their restrictions.

Your product might be the one they need, but budget and timing can be all-important. With the following questions you can better understand whether or not you are the best business partner for your prospect.

The above questions can be used as a guide for your sales discovery call. Not all questions might be appropriate for your business and some might be missing. Make sure you prepare some questions in advance so you don’t forget to raise the most important points. But above all, don't forget to listen to what your buyer has to say and adapt your questions to the course of the conversation.