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B2B Targeted Emails: What’s in it for Your Online Sales Strategy?

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B2B Targeted Emails: What’s in it for Your Online Sales Strategy?

According to a recent study by Radicati Group, a company specializing in market analysis, research, and the publication of reports on various areas of information technology, the number of emails sent daily is around 306 billion. This statistic highlights the importance of communicating through email in today's digital world, particularly in the B2B sphere. 

So if you're a manufacturer or distributor planning to sell - or that already sells - your products on a B2B marketplace, targeted emails can help you improve your online sales strategy. Recent data from HubSpot, a company that creates marketing, sales, and customer service software, corroborates this idea. They state that with an average open rate of 21.5% and an advantageous conversion rate, targeted email campaigns are of considerable interest for the development of your business.

Boost your business with a targeted email strategy!

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B2B targeted email marketing: definition and types

First of all, there's a difference between emails and B2B targeted emails. B2B emails are a means of electronic communication between companies, while B2B targeted emails are a digital marketing strategy used to promote products (or services) through emails. This strategy aims to establish business relationships, generate qualified leads, and stimulate sales by sending targeted, relevant emails to potential buyers. 

Targeted emails exist in several formats: 

The benefits of B2B targeted emails in building a top sales strategy

1. An obvious choice in the marketing mix

B2B targeted emails are a considerable asset in your marketing strategy, and not only because they are super easy to implement. Targeted emails enable you to reach a wide audience on an international scale with a single click, making sales opportunities quicker and more convenient. What's more, specialist marketplaces such as DirectIndustry and MedicalExpo offer you the possibility of using their targeted email services and will support you in the design and deployment of your B2B campaigns. Therefore, you can rely on their expertise to make your job even easier.

2. Flexible planning and timing

Automated email campaigns offer unrivaled flexibility. Emails can be scheduled in advance and sent at specific times to maximize their impact. You can plan your emails according to different time zones or the times of day when your customers are most likely to be online. Automation also makes it possible to send emails based on certain actions performed by customers, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of messages.

3. Exceptional return on investment

Targeted emails are a strategy that conserves your marketing budget. The cost of implementation is relatively low, but the benefits are considerable. For example, every euro invested in email marketing generates an average return of 42 euros. What's more, emails don't require substantial material investment, as is the case with other communication channels such as TV or radio advertising. Last but not least, email automation saves a significant amount of time, making your marketing strategy more efficient and profitable in the long term.

4. Customization to make your customers special

As every business is unique, personalized emails ensure that messages sent are relevant and beneficial to each customer. This creates a more engaging user experience. Personalized emails have a higher open rate, offering a unique experience to your customers and reinforcing your credibility. What's more, with high-quality personalization and content, emails can become a real added value for your target, providing them with useful information, and increasing their engagement and loyalty to your brand.

5. Quality targeting through segmentation

The targeting quality offered by email segmentation is unrivaled. Using the databases provided by specialized marketplaces, you can precisely target specific segments of your market. Targeted emails are highly beneficial in a B2B marketing strategy where knowing your recipient is essential. However, it's important to respect user consent (opt-in), which is essential for a legally compliant email marketing strategy.

6. A better understanding of your target

Email marketing provides you with valuable behavioral data, enabling you to refine your marketing strategy and better understand your customers. Using this data, you can test different marketing approaches and adjust your next campaigns accordingly.

7. A non-intrusive prospecting method

Unlike other prospecting methods, such as telephone calls, emails are non-intrusive. They respect your customers' rhythm, not interrupting their daily activities and giving them time to read your messages at their convenience.

8. An effective lead generation tool

Targeted emails are extremely powerful. They can help you generate quality leads that are more likely to convert into sales. What's more, the call-to-action (CTA) button integrated into the email can enable immediate interaction, increasing the chances of conversion. What's more, by coupling targeted emails with behavioral data analysis, you can significantly improve the qualification rate of your leads, and thus optimize your sales cycle.

9. A crucial role in increasing online sales

According to a study published in 2021 by Campaign Monitor, the average conversion rate for B2B email campaigns is around 5%. This means that for every 100 emails sent, five generate an action on the part of the recipient, be it a purchase, registering for an event, or requesting further information. This is a higher rate than many other digital marketing channels. This makes targeted emails a valuable tool for boosting your sales. Sending emails with special offers and promotions can also boost your revenues. What's more, email campaigns can be used to boost seasonal sales or capitalize on major commercial events.

10. Strengthening customer relations

Targeted emails offer you regular opportunities to stay in touch with your customers and strengthen their loyalty. It's a key tool for optimizing the customer experience. As part of a content marketing strategy, emails enable you to deliver valuable content to your customers, improving their perception of your brand and their overall satisfaction. Personalized newsletters, for example, create a unique and positive customer experience. They stimulate engagement by providing relevant, accessible content that solves B2B buyers' problems, meets their needs, and helps them in their decision-making process. Beyond simple transactions, targeted emails help to build a genuine relationship with your customers, centered on their needs and satisfaction.

11. Easy monitoring of your performance

Key indicators such as open rate, click rate, and conversion rate can be easily tracked. This enables you to identify weak points in your campaign. Using the data collected, you can constantly optimize your future emails and campaigns to achieve better results.

Targeted emails are an essential digital tool for boosting your company's business. They offer numerous possibilities in terms of sales prospecting, B2B customer acquisition, and lead conversion. 

Dedicating your energy and resources to targeted email campaigns can certainly help you conquer new international markets. They’re not just a tool, but a philosophy that puts the user at the heart of our thinking, and innovation at the forefront for the customer. 

If you haven't yet integrated targeted email marketing into your online sales strategy, it's never too late to do something about it. VirtualExpo Group offers a targeted email service designed to help you achieve your growth objectives. To help you strongly communicate about your offer, exclusive promotions, or major events, we send your emails to different countries and in their respective languages to active buyers who have already made a request in your product category. To drive traffic to your website and convert your targeted emails into sales, we can also help you fine-tune your messages so that they are in line with your ambitions and the needs of your target audience.

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